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Originally Posted by James.L View Post
Elmiraj was a great concept but the fact we still don't have a modern version of the classic caddy pimpmobile is disappointing. Even Lexus beat them to the races on this one.
Races to copy the Emiraj? Their concepts and products are extremely ugly!! My niece had a Lexus wagon, which she traded it in for a Kia because the Lexus was extremely expensive to maintain, and the Kia looks better. She took a ride with me when I rented a 2015 Chevy Impala, and she fell asleep while I was driving. She loved it and called it the smoothest car she has ever taken a ride in!

GM products are better and have lesser maintenance costs. I have a 2009 Chevy Equinox, and in ten years it has only been taken in four times to the dealer. Twice for the traction sensors (replace under warranty for free), once for a bad #1 spark plug (warrantied for the life of the vehicle, replaced for free), and last week it was for its first engine coolant change ($45). Nothing else except annual oil and filter changes with Mobil 1 synthetic oil!

Maybe low failure and problems are why GM products sell less. Foreign cars sell more as replacement for previous junked foreign models. We have junk yards just for foreign cars! I have NEVER seen any Equinox in a junk yard, and it is GM's second best selling vehicle (after the Silverado truck) since 2005!!

Before my Equinox, I had three other GM vehicles since 1975. Two lasted over twenty years. I am waiting for a hybrid or electric Cadillac XT4 to replace my Equinox. It may be the last vehicle I will buy!
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