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Originally Posted by Emette View Post
I think for the most part that shoppers in this segment make their decision based upon how the vehicle drives and which brand they are most familiar with. I doubt that anyone currently in an Audi or BMW has all that much interest in converting to a Cadillac and vice versa.
Your post confirms my reaction: many luxury clients NEVER read comparison tables. For example, my sister-in-laws both let their rich friends tell them what to buy. Yet both have taken rides in my 2009 Chevy Equinox and both were amazed at its features. One was wowed over by the Bluetooth phone features, as she answered a call from my wife while I was driving. Both did buy CUVs that are more expensive than the Equinox but with the same features, and both paid almost double for their versions. One bought a M-B and the other (more sensible) both a Lincoln MKC. Both are smaller than the Equinox.

If both were really intelligent to search and read such comparison tables, they would had bought the Cadillac XT5 or another Chevy Equinox, and saved money, too!
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