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Although your table has great results. most Cadillac buyers never read such comparisons. I don't haev a Cadillac yet, but I have driven one and taken many rides since I was a child. I still remember my uncle's white convertible DeVille of the 1950s with its huge white tails!

But I do read comparisons when I decide to buy and my favorites are GM cars, which I have own five, and driven many more. I now have a 2009 Chevy Equinox which has given me excellent service, and had just two problems: a bad spark plug and two speed sensors, both service for free by the GM dealer. The Equinox was a hidden gem in GM line because it was not promoted much since 2004, but is in its third generation, and has risen to become the second most sold GM vehicle (after the Silverado truck), and the second best selling CUV in the U.S. (after the cheaper and lesser quality Toyota RAV4).

The Cadillac XT5 which replaced the SRX, is still the brand's best seller, so if they produced a smaller CUV with better quality and features for a lesser price, then the Cadillac XT4 can become the next best seller, and come behind the Equinox in sales, even taking away Equinox sales. As for me I will trade or sell my Equinox for the Cadillac XT4 as soon as I can set up my financial situation for the new debt, and when the XT4 comes in a hybrid (as the Chevy Malibu) or a PHEV (as the Cadillac CT6 or Chevy Volt).
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