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Wireless charger working with iPhoneXS???

Is anyone having luck with wireless charging your iPhone XS in the XT4? I just got a new iPhone XS and when I lay it on the charging pad the lightning bolt appears next to the Phone symbol on the CUE screen. The lightning bolt also appears on my phone like it is being charged. But the phone battery percentage never increases. I have seen posts about other GM products not supporting the iPhone X series even though the specs say the charging pad is Q1 compatible. Thoughts anyone?
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Try taking the case off. If the phone now charges, your case is too thick for the Qi charging to transmit energy. Electromagnetic power transmission by inductance is inversely related to the square of the distance. So a thick case will allow much less power to pass through. You can either get a thinner case or just go for the wired route.

My two Samsung Galaxy S10+ phones has thick OtterBox cases so I have to use a USB-C cable to charge them in any vehicle I travel in. The need to protect my phone is much more important than the need to charge them wireless. Some phone holders cannot even grasp my phones in their cases, so I added a steel disk to the case back, and use a magnetic holder. It works perfectly.

This isn't Cadillac or GM's fault. It is just basic physics against protection.
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